Harvest Kale Caesar Salad! To all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a fab Than…

Harvest Kale Caesar Salad!❤️🌱 To all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a fab Thanksgiving. 🍁🍂

I spent some time off the ‘gram, as my energy was calling to something else. And, I enjoyed the weekend with my family indulging in lots of soup, roasted veg, potatoes, stuffing and so many desserts! I’m still full!

This Harvest Kale Salad has become a bit of a tradition now. Topped with sliced apple, pomegranate, roasted cashews, dates and dried cranberries. The good thing about kale is that it can be dressed hours in advance, and personally I think it gets even better over time.

I’ve copied this autumn-inspired recipe below,👇 and you can find it on the blog. Hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week! #twospoons

For the Kale Caesar Dressing:
1 1/2 lemons, juiced
1/4 cup (60 ml) tahini
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
pinch sea salt
filtered water, to thin (I used 2-3 tbsp)

For the salad:
1 bunch kale (315g, or approx. 6 large stems)
1/2 cup (75g) raw cashews
2 tbsp (24g) hemp hearts
1 (70g) apple, thinly sliced
1/3 cup pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp dried cranberries
3 dates, pits removed and chopped
sea salt and pepper to taste

1. Make your Kale Caesar Dressing: In a small bowl add lemon juice, tahini, chopped garlic, and sea salt. Whisk to combine. Add splashes of water to thin until desired dressing consistency (I used 2-3 tbsp).
2. Wash kale well. Tear leaves into small bite sized pieces and place in a large mixing bowl. Discard the stems. Pour dressing over kale leaves and toss to combine.
3. Roast cashews in saucepan on medium heat, stirring occasionally until cashews are browned, (approx. 6-8 minutes). Let cashews cool slightly then chop and sprinkle over kale salad. Add hemp hearts and toss to combine.
4. Transfer kale caesar salad into a serving bowl and top with sliced apple, pomegranate seeds, cranberries and chopped dates. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

24 thoughts on “Harvest Kale Caesar Salad! To all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a fab Than…”

  1. This looks like one big bowl of goodness, so full of nutrients but still got bursts of flavour, love!!💗

  2. What a fantastic delicious looking salad!! I’ve got to take some time away from the gram too… Seems to be happening a lot more lately haha but feels good!!

  3. That looks awesome and I love those apples in there! I eat a large salad almost every day and it makes me feel amazing! I also love to add apples or berries, such a nice touch! Thanks for sharing! 🙏💚

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