Everything you need to know with fertility expert Lisa @fertilityfriday. Ladies,…

Everything you need to know with fertility expert Lisa @fertilityfriday. Ladies, share this with your girlfriends! Hope you learn a little more about women’s health like I did.💖

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18 thoughts on “Everything you need to know with fertility expert Lisa @fertilityfriday. Ladies,…”

  1. What an eye opener, cant wait to read the book. How easily we ignore the signs our body gives. Thank you for such an informative seaaion

  2. 😱😱such an eye opener, I have so many problems that my gut tells me that has everything to do with that(current doctor isn’t of much help in this topic 🤦🏻‍♀️) it’s time to make some changes 💪🏼, thank you for sharing this to both of you💓

  3. Omg so informative, sometimes you just normalize symptoms related with your period and never realize that can be something else until late. So informative, thank you @twospoons.ca for this space!!😊

  4. 😍😍😍have also read the book and learned so much I didn’t know❤🙈🙈🙈So happy I came off the pill 6 years ago but really wished I had never started taking it because it was so bad for me in many ways… Wish I had gotten this information when I needed it as a teenager.❤

  5. These topics are so important! I am someone who has very strong bleeding and only earlier this year with 32 have I found out that I suffer from strong iron defficiency!

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